Cold Sores & Japanese Noodles

Goma Tei at Ward Center

Jaf wasn’t feeling well this week, had cold sores in his mouth for 2 days and lost 5 pounds from not eating.  So, I decided to take him to eat ramen, since he wanted soup.  After a long walk around Nordstroms Rack and TJ Maxx we went over to the Ward Centre and walked into GOMA TEI Ramen Restaurant.

It wasn’t too crowded, which was unusual for a Thursday afternoon lunch so we were happy to be seated right away.  Since we’ve never eaten here before we asked the server to recommend the most popular ramen and popular rice based dish.  He recommended the Tan Tan Ramen (most popular) and the Katsu Curry Rice.

Menu is also in Japanese 🙂

As we sat and waited for our order to arrive, I noticed that others who walked in after us were being served much quicker.  When you have a pre-schooler who’s 1) sick and 2) hungry, he notices everything and made a snide comment, “Mommy, they came after us!  How come they are eating before me?”  Ten chopsticks, 3 complaints from Jaf and 25 minutes later our ramen finally arrives with the curry.

Making Chopstick Houses Part I
Making Chopstick Houses Part 2

The curry was delicious but little man decided the plate was much to big for him to even look at and slid it over for Mom to eat.

Katsu Curry with Rice
“I can’t eat all this?! You eat it”

I thought the ramen was tasty, very different than usual soup broths, I can’t even describe it.  It was great by my standards, until Jaf had a go and said “Yuk!  It’s tastes burnt Mom?!”  (uh, what?)  “It tastes like burnt peanut butter!”  How would he even know what burnt peanut butter tastes like???

I thought it was yummy… But who’s blog is this anyway?!

He then asked for a bowl, scooped out the ramen, asked me for some ice cubes and began eating it plain with ice cubes in it.

“Just I want the noodles, no sauce Mom.”
“My mouth feels better already.”
Got a thumbs up!

“That’s much, much better Mom.  You want some?”  No thanks I said as I gobbled down my curry… 🙂  As he finished up the last of his ramen, he thanked me ever so politely, took a sip of ice water and gave me a thumbs up.  

It’s definitely a great place for lunch or dinner for adults, but not for children.  It’s not a kid-friendly venue, meaning they don’t have a kids menu and because they are often busy they are in a rush to get you in and out as soon as possible.  If your children are slow eaters, I think it would drive them nuts! 🙂

Goma Tei Ramen Restaurant
Ward Center
1200 Ala Moana Boulevard
(808) 591-9188

No Reservations * Take Out * Credit Cards Accepted * Casual * Not for Large Groups

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