Licorice and Gummies

I won’t tell a lie, Jaf ate this whole bowl of gummies by himself…

LICORICE… They’re sold everywhere, including pharmacies believe it or not!

Dutch people LOVE licorice, or known as “drop”.  It’s not like the American red licorice.  It’s black and way more intense.  They come in a variety of flavors and strange shapes (we heard it was originally made for sore throats).  Jaf and Lou Lou could not bear the taste and spat them right out.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get a good picture of them eating the drop.  Just know that kids are not too fond of them. 🙂

But the Dutch also love GUMMIES!!

Every grocery store isle is filled top to bottom with different kinds of gummies, with HARIBO the main brand taking up most of the space.  We bought many different types and ate them like crazy.  They are so much better quality too than the ones we get in the US.

The Netherlands really is gummie heaven…

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