More Poffertjes Please!

We had to write a separate blog post about this special dessert item.  Since we’ve been introduced to this mouth-watering mini pancakes by our friends at Hungry Birds, we’ve been addicted.  Thankfully, this delightful dessert or mid-day snack is available at many restaurants, amusements parks and cafes throughout the Netherlands so we ordered it frequently and stuffed ourselves full.

Poffertjes, pronounced  (poh-fer-tchuhs) are a traditional Dutch treat.  These tiny fluffy pancakes are unlike our American pancake, instead they are made with buckwheat flour.  It is also served with a dollop of butter and covered heavily with powdered sugar.  Sold in portions of 6 or 12 pieces they are best when prepared fresh and right in front of you.  When you (and you should) visit the Albert Cuypmarkt you’ll find them there.

Poffertjes stand at Albert Cupert Market
Poffertjes stand at Albert Cuypmarkt
We suggest getting 30 pcs and sharing… But that’s just us!


We bought 10 first and then I think we at another 3 trays… 🙂
He wanted his own plate 🙂
Rain or shine we dine 🙂
Drooling… 🙂

Our addiction to poffertjes even lead us to a the local supermarket where you can buy them already made in large quantities which could be microwaved. Our late night snacking on these went on for at least 3 weeks and continued during the course of our trip.

Oh man, we’re gonna miss these.   Unless of course we learn how to make those ourselves!


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