When in France… Drink Hot Chocolate from a Vending Machine!

Just after crossing the border from Belgium into France we stopped by our first petrol/gas station to fill Homer up on Diesel.

We wanted to grab some coffee to go and unfortunately they had no baristas at this station.  But they had the most impressive vending machines for coffee and hot chocolate we’ve ever seen.

Looked like cupcake vending machine at first?!

It even talked to you!  At first the children thought it was a cupcake vending machine, and so did we.  But then realized it was for coffee and hot chocolate, and you could choose your toppings or if you wanted sugar, milk or not.

Hot Chocolate or Cappuccino?

And if you wanted something savory, just order soup!

Ahh.. There’s the Coffee!!

We must have hung out at these vending machines for at least 1/2 hour, ordering and pressing buttons like crazy.  The coffee was… OK, but the hot chocolate with the lion bar was “OMG!”, said Lou Lou!

For the next 200 miles, the kids and I kept coming up with excuses to get Daddy to stop at a petrol station so we could have more hot chocolate.

Deep down, you could tell he wanted to stop at them too! 🙂


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