Tartiflette, A Classic French Winter Dish!

While strolling near the Eiffel Tower, we came across a large number of white tents with the most beautiful smell… bacon! Lou Lou immediately said, “I’m hungry Mom!  Can we go there?!”  And so we went! Apparently it was a Summer Street Food Fest and there were many vendors there selling locally made items, souvenirs and of course food!

The smell was unbelievable!
“Mom, that looks so yummy!”

We didn’t quite know what to eat, but Jaf said, “Let’s go there!  They have bacon!”  I said, “I don’t’ think it’s bacon, its sausages honey.”  He then said, “no, LOOK!”

Getting ready for the lunch crowd!
Tartiflette 🙂
That’s ours!!

We couldn’t resist the smell and dove right into this beautiful mixture of potatoes, cheese, onions and bacon – called Tartiflette!

A Classic French Dish

This classic French dish is usually served in the winter, when its nice and chilly outside so I was surprised to see it on the streets in the middle of a hot summer day.  But we weren’t disappointed either!

The first bite…
“I don’t know Mom…?”

The kids quickly finished the half the dish even though I thought they wouldn’t like it because the cheese is quite strong.

Tartiflette is made with only 4 ingredients; Potatoes, Reblochon Cheese, Onions and bacon. Simmer till done.  I’m sure you can find the ingredients to make this dish at home (substitute reblochon cheese with Brie).  But when in France, seek out tartiflette!





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