A Typical Kids Breakfast in Spain

After a week of Spanish tutoring every morning, we decided to surprise the kids and “skip” tutoring for a day to go have breakfast at a nearby cafe/bar.  Elena, our awesome Spanish tutor wanted to surprise the kids with a typical breakfast meal that is served to kids in Spain.

Arriving at the bar she went up to the counter and order the following items; Hot milk with Cola Cao, churros and an a Napolitana de la crema!

A kids breakfast 🙂

Cola Cao is a classic Spanish brand hot-chocolate that is a extremely popular, worldwide.  Spanish children (and even adults) drink this as part of their breakfast or as a quick drink.  It’s mixed with hot milk.  Kids loved this immediately and we ended up ordering another one for them to share.

Making our hot chocolate!

A Spanish churro is different than those you get in the USA/Mexico/Disneyland.  They are not covered in cinnamon or sugar.  Spanish churros are more like donut and are deep fried in olive oil, much more chewier and usually dipped in a ceramic goblet filled with thick “piping hot” liquid chocolate. Mornings though, they leave out the chocolate and just dip it into their hot chocolate milk.

Fresh made churros!
Lou Lou enjoying her churros 🙂

Napolitana de la creme is a heavenly flaky pastry and a must eat while in Spain. But honestly, all pastries in Spain are wonderful.  Don’t leave without trying an Ensaimada de Mallorca.

Napolitana de la Creme
Breakfast at the BAR!

The Cola Cao was a big hit, with us walking to a nearby grocery store to pick up a container for Jaf.  Lou Lou fell in love with the churros and insisted we visit again when the chocolate was available (most bars serve it only after lunch).  It was nice to eat something different than what we’re used to (cereal, eggs, bacon, etc.) and frankly the kids prefer eating like this than eating heavy meals for breakfast.

We visited this bar 3 days in a row for breakfast, ordering different pastries each time.

Spanish breakfasts gets 2 thumbs up!!


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