Kid Foodie Favorites

  Lou Lou & Jaf’s Recommendations

Rainbow Shave Ice
Rainbow Shave Ice

There’s so many places Lou Lou and Jaf have eaten at, but some of them must be mentioned.  Especially if its something particular to a country, region, city or town.  Here, we highlight the items that are truly kid-friendly and a MUST TRY for kids to when traveling to that location;


  1. Shave Ice
  2. Hawaiian Food
  3. Eat the Street
  4. Saimin
  5. Manapua
  6. Malasadas


  1. Chocolate
  2. Liege Waffle
  3. Belgian Frites
  4. Moules Frites
  5. Cuberdons (Ghent)
  6. Brussels Waffle


  1. Beavertails
  2. Poutine


  1. Herring
  2. Patatas
  3. Pofertjes
  4. Hagelslag
  5. Stroopwafels

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